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A powerful bike lock can make the difference between your trip residence being secured, and that sinking feeling when your bike isn't where you left it. Securing your bike with a great bike lock is not going to only thwart thieves' makes an attempt to steal your bike, it might even put them off attempting in the primary place. But when many bike locks look fairly comparable, it can be difficult to know prematurely which ones are as much as the job and which will allow you to down. So our lab specialists have posed as wannabe thieves, using bolt cutters, angle grinders and other lock-breaking instruments to establish the locks that can keep your bike secure. We've additionally checked how straightforward they are to transport and use. No one wants to be wrestling with an unwieldy bike lock in a torrential downpour. A Finest Buy bike lock can be simple to make use of and provide good safety towards even probably the most highly effective instruments - that means a thief is prone to be noticed and interrupted when trying to steal your bike, or simply hand over. Learn on to find the professionals and cons of various kinds of bike lock, which bike locks made the grade in our exams, plus our prime tips about how to purchase one of the best bike lock. How to buy the very best bike - if you are within the market for a new bike, check our professional information to getting the bike to swimsuit you. What's the best type of bike lock? Safety consultants advocate utilizing two different types of lock to safe your bike, one among which needs to be a U-lock, in accordance with the Met Police. Completely different lock types need totally different instruments to interrupt, so using more than one lock type is more likely to slow a thief down. If you're shopping for a bike lock for the primary time, you may be baffled by what type to go for. Read the important thing belongings you want find out about the principle types below, or go straight to our bike lock reviews if you already know what you're after. This lock will get its identify from its rigid, 'U-formed' body. U-locks vary in measurement, power and weight, but are typically considered essentially the most safe type of lock. For this security there's sacrifice in flexibility. You need to be ready to suit the inflexible lock round your bike's body and wheel plus the object you are securing your bike to, so check before you buy that it is the proper dimension on your bike. Chain locks are made up of a collection of hardened steel hyperlinks, usually inside a protecting sleeve. They can provide related levels of safety as U-locks, but they have execs and cons by comparability. They're extra versatile than U-locks so are easier to wrap round tight areas of a bike and safe it to a wider vary of objects. However they are usually heavier than equally secure U-locks and are more likely to rattle if attached to your bike frame while cycling. Folding locks consist of several strong steel arms, joined collectively by steel rivets. They fold up into a compact dimension, making them straightforward to transport in a bag or on the bike body, however open as much as a bigger area than many different locks. This can make them a superb selection you probably have a large bike or need to secure it to thick object. However, the multiple hinge points on a folding lock are potential weak spots that may be simpler for a thief to interrupt. Our assessments aggressively attack the hinge factors, although, so you possibly can make certain a excessive-scoring folding lock still affords nice safety. Textile locks are made up of robust composite textiles, usually around a steel core. They provide security along with flexibility at a decrease weight. Some are designed to be worn across the waist like a belt when not in use, making them simple to transport while cycling. This security and adaptability come at a cost - other forms of lock will give an identical stage of security for less. Made from intertwined metal fibers with a plastic coating, cable locks come in a wide variety of sizes, weights and locking mechanisms. They're flexible and are usually accessible in longer lengths than chain locks. Their flexibility and mild weight come at the price of being the least safe type of bike lock. They may deter an opportunist, but a persistent bike thief will get by way of one relatively easily. As such you shouldn't depend on a cable lock as your fundamental bike lock, however you could consider one as a secondary lock, as a cheaper additional layer of defence for a wheel, for instance. We have grouped our opinions by lock type that will help you simply select the best in your needs, but all of the scores are comparable throughout tables (so a series lock that scored 70% could be equally safe as a U-lock with the identical score, for instance). Only logged-in members can view our full bike lock critiques. If you're not but a member, sign as much as Which? Weighing just under 800g, the Abus Granit Plus 640 is without doubt one of the lightest bike locks we have tested. Mixed with its small measurement, this could make it an appealing alternative for the cyclist who desires an easy-to-transport U-lock - though there is no bike mount included. But does its petite measurement come at the expense of safety? Signal up to Which? The Axa Newton Professional 190 is a full-sized, mid-weight U-lock, and it comes with a bike mount for ease of transport when cycling. However what really issues is whether it's going to protect your bike against a decided thief. Discover out if our knowledgeable lock-breakers managed to crack it - sign as much as Which? The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is a small U-lock, although at just over 2kg it's one of the heaviest bike locks now we have examined. The manufacturer rates the security of this bike as 10 out of 10, with a locking cylinder that protects the lock in opposition to dirt. But did its safety claim hold up once we put the lock by means of our rigorous lab assessments? Sign up to Which? Weighing in at slightly below 750g, the U4 Mini is among the lightest bike locks we've got examined. Combined with its small size and the included bike mounting bracket, this makes it extremely simple to transport. But does it fulfil its major perform of securing your bike effectively? Signal up to Which? This chain lock weighs in at around 2.4kg, making it one of the heaviest locks we've examined, though its lengthy length means it'll easily match around your bike body, rear wheel and no matter you're securing it to. Does this extra weight present extra safety? Sign up to Which? The Bordo Big 6000 is more than one metre long when unfolded, making it easy to secure each your body and wheel to even a thick bike rack put up. It folds all the way down to a compact size and even comes with a bracket to mount to your bike frame. But will it keep your bike protected from thieves? Sign up to Which? Weighing in at simply over 1kg, the Kryptolok 685 is a fairly lightweight lock for its dimension - 810mm lengthy when unfolded. But does it secure your bike effectively? Signal up to Which? This textile lock may be worn around the waist for ease of transport whereas cycling. It weighs round 2.4kg, making it one of many heaviest locks we have tested. But does this additional weight present further security? Sign up to Which? What features ought to I search for in an excellent bike lock? As we've highlighted above, there are many sorts of bike lock to select from, with certain locks suiting completely different cyclists. Secure by Design (the official police security initiative) recommends you lock your bike with a minimum of two locks, considered one of them being a U-lock. Deciding on the opposite kind of bike lock to purchase typically comes all the way down to your personal preferences, however there are some options value trying out for across all varieties of bike lock, as they make it harder for skilled thieves to beat it. Hardened steel - a heat therapy that makes steel harder to interrupt. Deadlocks - a sort of key lock that's more durable for thieves to drive open. Decide-resistant locks - these locks have additional mechanisms in the lock barrel, essentially making it a lot harder for a thief to choose the lock. Seeking to kit out a brand new bike with a full suite of equipment? If you're planning on cycling after darkish, examine our information on how to purchase the most effective bike lights. Ought to I purchase a key or mixture bike lock? For max convenience, mixture locks normally trump key locks, as you don't need to recollect to deliver the key. You'll, however, want to recollect the code - not essentially that simple if you do not use your bike that usually. An observant thief may spot your code as you lock or unlock your bike. To scale back this risk, make sure you shield the code from observers when you enter it. A mixture lock could be 'hacked' without tools. A key lock wants brute pressure or instruments to interrupt it; a mix lock can, in theory, be cracked by trial and error. It might take a determined thief lower than an hour to work through the entire unique combinations on a 3-digit lock - removed from unimaginable if your bike is tucked away in a quiet location. We advocate opting for a lock with no less than four digits, which increases the variety of possible mixtures, and the time it will take to try all of them, tenfold. In follow, a decent mixture lock with at the least four dials and built-in anti-lock-picking features will offer related ranges of safety to a good key lock. An example of an anti-lock-choosing feature is 'false gates'. These make it 'feel' to a thief like they have found the correct mixture, however does not enable the lock to open. It should take a thief for much longer to beat a false-gated lock. Can I get away with a cheap bike lock? Bike locks prices range from around £5 for a primary cable lock, to greater than £100 for a big-brand U-lock. The cheapest bike locks are usually cable locks. While these are higher than no lock in any respect, most thieves will have the ability to make quick work of them. You shouldn't rely on a cheap cable lock as your main lock. The bike locks we have examined vary in worth from £30 to £120, together with a Best Purchase for lower than £60. While usually the costlier the lock, the extra safe it is going to be, you don't have to pay a fortune both. Is there a bike lock that can not be broken? The brief answer is not any: no lock is unbreakable. The aim of bike locks is to make your bike as unappealing as doable, deterring thieves from even trying to nick your bike. It is best to use two locks to secure your bike, with one in every of them being a U-lock. Our assessments have discovered that one of the best bike locks, while not unbreakable, will stand as much as angle grinders, saws and bolt cutters for a number of minutes. It will stop an opportunist efficiently breaking the lock, and make it more doubtless knowledgeable will quit or be interrupted when making an attempt to break the lock. A lock is barely as good as how and where you safe your bike - learn our information on the right way to safe your bike. Bike lock manufacturers sometimes grade the safety of their locks on a scale of one to 10. This can be helpful when evaluating the different locks within a single brand. Nevertheless, completely different manufacturers use completely different scales, as well as completely different standards to measure their locks' security. This means it's not potential to use manufacturer rankings to directly compare the safety of locks throughout brands. Our bike lock reviews are primarily based on assessments and standards which can be comparable throughout all the locks we test, so you'll be able to really feel assured that the locks that score the best are genuinely the best. If you're keen on a bike lock we haven't yet reviewed, examine its security score by an independent body reminiscent of Sold Secure. Sold Safe is a third-celebration certification physique that charges locks. Many insurance coverage corporations recognise its safety rankings, so getting (and using) a lock with this certification can could assist decrease the price of bike insurance coverage. There are 4 Offered Secure ratings; the higher the score, the extra secure the lock - although you are likely to also discover that, on the whole, the highest-rated locks are essentially the most costly. We take a look at each bike lock based mostly on standards stipulated in a British Commonplace: for the geeks amongst you, it's BS EN 15496:2008 Cycles. Requirements and check methods for cycle locks. What this means in apply is that we throw the whole lot including the kitchen sink into testing a lock's safety, in addition to assessing how simple to make use of and how durable it's. We take a look at each lock's resistance to being reduce, pulled apart and hit by machines below strict lab circumstances. This ensures that each lock's strength has been examined in the very same manner, giving an goal measure of how robust each lock is. Slicing check - can the lock be reduce by a pressure of 55kN? That's about two and a half times the force that an ordinary bolt cutter can apply. Tensile take a look at - can the lock be pulled open by a force of 10kN? That is in regards to the equivalent of two adults hanging from the lock. Influence take a look at - can the lock be damaged by a 3kg impression device? We drop the impression machine on the lock five times in 90 seconds. Locks that go all these tests are really robust locks, meaning they'll cease an opportunist and decelerate knowledgeable thief - to the purpose where they are likely to be interrupted or quit trying to beat the lock. We then take a look at every bike lock in an actual-world state of affairs. A bike is secured with the bike lock and we give an knowledgeable lock breaker three minutes to beat the lock utilizing selection of tools that a professional thief might need access to. The precise tools we use are focused round every type of lock, however embrace bolt cutters, nippers, saws and lock picks - even a battery powered angle grinder, our toughest instrument. If our experts can't break the lock on this time, or if the locks last at the least a few minutes in opposition to the angle grinder, you may really feel fairly assured that the lock will protect your bike from thieves. Can the lock be mounted to the bike? How easy is the locking/closing function of the bike lock? How a lot does it weigh? How noisy is the bike lock when cycling? We spray every bike lock with salt answer (replicating a number of years of weather publicity) and check whether the lock corrodes, and if it could possibly still be locked and unlocked. Each test we carry out factors into the final score for each bike lock. To be a Best Purchase a lock wants to score no less than 80%, which means it offers an awesome degree of safety in opposition to heaps of various assaults, while nonetheless being easy to make use of.