Foreclosure Delay Tactics - With Popular Techniques Online

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The foreclosure delay tactics that are presently being used in the housing market are nothing new. Together with the Home Affordable Modification Program there is no longer any lender who has this capability, so homeowners must learn to use whatever strategies they can to make sure that they do not fall into precisely the same trap again. We will take a brief look at these tactics and see what effect they could have about getting your loan modification application approved.

First, we'll examine what flagStar is all about. FlagStar is an online company that allows foreclosure victims in some areas of the nation access to professional foreclosure negotiators. When the foreclosure sufferer is joined to a lawyer, they could communicate with their lender and try to negotiate a sale date that works best for them and the lending company. This is somewhat different from the traditional process that entails the house owner filing bankruptcy and then having the court approve a sale date. Foreclosure delay tactics like utilizing flagStar can be quite beneficial if you're in a situation in which you have fallen behind on your payments and would likewise be categorized as a high risk candidate to get a loan workout. Another advantage of utilizing flagStar as a foreclosure delay tactic is that since they're professionals that they will have a good comprehension of the loopholes in the foreclosure legislation and how to use them to your advantage.

Secondly, Zrive is another one of those foreclosure delay tactics that's been discussed online. Push is a Phoenix based applications firm that works with foreclosing homeowners to assist them in assessing their loan through the federal government's loan modification program. They also work closely with a high number of lenders to discover a solution for their homeowner. Drive is probably famous for their support with Fannie Mae.