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;How can I contribute content to ECHOpedia?
;How can I contribute content to ECHOpedia?
{{:Contribute to ECHOpedia}}
{{:Contribute to ECHOpedia}}
We subscribe to the [http://www.hon.ch/HONcode/Conduct.html?HONConduct571624 HONcode] principles of the Health On the Net Foundation. [[Image:HONConduct571624.jpg]]

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Can I use a certain image / animation / video / piece of text in a non-commercial presentation?
Yes, in most cases you can. There are however certain exceptions to this rule. Some images on ECHOpedia were provided by book or journal publishers who gave us permission to use that image on this site. The descriptions of these images will read something like: "reproduced with permission from...". If you want to use such items, you will have to ask the entity that holds the copyright. All material that is made by or for the Cardionetworks foundation is available for use and basis for your presentation according to a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike license. If you cut the ECHOpedia logo from a certain image, you will have to state elsewhere in the presentation that you obtained the material from ECHOpedia, e.g. "ECHO courtesy of Dr. Van der Bilt and ECHOpedia.org". We do appreciate it when you let us know that if you have used content from ECHOpedia, just to have an idea who our audience is.
Can I use a certain image / animation / video / piece of text in a commercial presentation?
In general yes, but not without asking. In general we will not object you using any of our material as long as you do not copy-paste the whole website on a CD and sell it for money :-)... Please e-mail us for permission.
How can I use a flash movie from your site in my powerpoint presentation?
Read this document by Adobe to learn how.
Who are the people behind ECHOpedia?
ECHOpedia is an initiative of Cardionetworks.org a non-profit foundation whose goals is to advance medical knowledge, especially in the field of cardiology. The main contributors are: I.A.C. van der Bilt, MD, cardiology resident, author and moderator.
My own ECHO shows an abnormality what should I do?
The information on this site should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. For questions like these we advise you to contact your physician.
Can I trust the information on your site?
Please read our disclaimer.
Do you protect the privacy of the patients whose ECHOs / images / cases are presented?
All material on this site is checked so any information that could breech a patients privacy is removed in accordance to applicable Dutch laws.
What is the financial source of this project?
The Cardionetworks.org foundation is a non-profit charity foundation. The content of all websites maintained by the cardionetworks foundation is not influenced by sponsors. As the foundation was only recently started, no outside sources of funding have been contacted and the foundation has been funded privately by the founders. Feel free to contact the foundation if you would like to sponsor or have sponsorship suggestions. We do not allow any advertisements on our sites. We also do not allow sponsors to influence any contents.
How can I contact you?
Please contact the secretary of Cardionetworks for any further questions.
How can I contribute content to ECHOpedia?
  • ECHOpedia is an open access wiki ECHO course. Everybody can contribute to this site by creating a user account and loging in. Please e-mail or fax (+31-84-755-0017) us if you have an interesting ECG. All contributors who are known to us, will be added to the authors page.
  • Read this information on how to edit a page on ECHOpedia.
  • Contact us if you would like more information about contributing to ECHOpedia
  • Contact us for information about contributing financially to Cardionetworks