Left Ventricular Dimensions

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The Left Ventricular

Example: Measurement end - Diastolic wall thickness (red) + LV diameter (green)

Each echocardiogram is an evaluation of the LV dimensions, wall thicknesses and described function.

Good and measurements are essential and may have implications for therapy. The LV dimensions must be measured as the end-diastolic and end-systolic valves (MV and AoV) are closed. Plax in The measurement is located in the basal portion of the LV by the chordae.

Left ventricular dimensions

Women Men
Reference range Mildly abnormal Moderately abnormal Severely abnormal Reference range Mildly abnormal Moderately abnormal Severely abnormal
LV dimension
LV diastolic diameter, cm 3.9–5.3 5.4–5.7 5.8–6.1 ≥6.2 4.2–5.9 6.0–6.3 6.4–6.8 ≥6.9
LV diastolic diameter/BSA, cm/m2 2.4–3.2 3.3–3.4 3.5–3.7 ≥3.8 2.2–3.1 3.2–3.4 3.5–3.6 ≥3.7
LV diastolic diameter/height, cm/m 2.5–3.2 3.3–3.4 3.5–3.6 ≥3.7 2.4–3.3 3.4–3.5 3.6–3.7 ≥3.8
LV volume
LV diastolic volume, mL 56–104 105–117 118–130 ≥131 67–155 156–178 179–201 ≥201 LV diastolic volume/BSA, mL/m² 35–75 76–86 87–96 ≥97 35–75 76–86 87–96 ≥97 LV systolic volume, mL 19–49 50–59 60–69 ≥70 22–58 59–70 71–82 ≥83 LV systolic volume/BSA, mL/m² 12–30 31–36 37–42 ≥43 12–30 31–36 37–42 ≥43

BSA, body surface area; LV, left ventricular. Bold values: Recommended and best validated. Echocardiografische afgeleide maten worden gerapporteerd als interne diameter. Armstrong, W.F, Ryan, T, "Evaluation of systolic function of the left ventricle" in 'Feigenbaum's Echocardiography', 7th ed, Philadelphia, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, p.123.

Left ventricular geometry and mass

Click here for calculation of LV mass.


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