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It was a typical evening at the Strickland household. Cindi was doing laundry after supper while Hal was reading the newspaper in the living room. Cindi lamented to herself that their marriage seemed to be mired in a rut of apathy. She was content in the knowledge that she had finally done something to add excitement to her sex life. Putting her current thoughts on the shelf, she came into the living room. "Why aren't you watching the TV news?"

"I'm tired of hearing the same things over and over. I thought cable was supposed to give us the opportunity to receive a lot more depth of information on issues. Instead, we get same stuff repeated every fifteen minutes. At least they have pretty women with big boobs giving most of the news now." He had a big grin on his face. He wasn't kidding. He just had the habit of speaking before thinking.

Cindi just shook her head. "Hal, can we do something different tonight? Maybe a board game?"

"You mean a b-o-r-e-d game?" Again, he smiled at his joke.

"We could play Scrabble. I might even let you win." She was hoping to trigger his competitive trait to get him out of his lethargy.

"No, thanks, dear. If you're worried having some entertainment tonight, I think you will be more than satisfied." Hal worried that he just said too much.

"You mean we might have sex for a couple of minutes?"

"Hey, I always last longer the second time."

"Yeah, when you don't fall asleep immediately after the first quick one."

Hal decided to end the back-and-forth before he got himself in trouble. The newspaper was back in front of his face. Cindi went to the kitchen to fix herself a drink. "Hal you want a beer or something?"

"Makers and ginger ale if we have it." Cindi was a little puzzled at his request. Bourbon was usually a drink for special occasions.

While Cindi was making the drinks, the doorbell rang.

Hal called out, "I got it honey." He went to the door and saw the shocked face of a man standing there.

"I . . . uh . . . must have the wrong house. I'm sorry." He started to back away.

"Nonsense, Caleb, isn't it? We've been expecting you. Come on in."

Caleb staggered in, wondering what was going on. He was prepared to bolt at a moment's notice. He was searching quickly for an excuse as to why he was there, "I just came by . . . "

Cindi came into the living room and dropped the drinks she had in her hands. "Oh my God, Caleb, what are you doing here?"

Hal answered for him, "I told you things would get interesting tonight. Caleb, you sit on the couch. Cindi, you clean up your mess and join us."

Caleb spoke up, "I have interrupted your evening. I think I better be going." He turned to leave.

Hal pulled out a revolver from behind his back. "Caleb, be a good boy-toy and sit on the damn couch."

Cindi screamed in fear, "Hal, don't shoot him. It was my fault as much as his. Let him go. Please. I'll do anything, but don't kill him."

"Calm down, Cindi. No one will get hurt, physically that is, if you two just do as I say."

Cindi cried while cleaning up her mess. Caleb sat fidgeting on the couch. Hal was in his recliner and turned it to face the Caleb. He started to talk to Caleb, but Caleb spoke first.

"Hal, I know . . ."

"That's Mr. Strickland to you, asshole."

"Mr. Strickland, I know this must be difficult for you to understand. What Cindi and I have is nothing compared to how much she loves you and . . . "

"Caleb, stop the 'she only loves you' bullshit. I know about you and Cindi. Just sit there and answer what you are asked."

Cindi joined them, sitting next to Caleb on the couch as Hal's gun indicated she was to sit. "Hal, what are you going to do? It's not like you to be violent."

"And I didn't think it was like you to cheat. How about that. We've both learned something new about each other lately. Now, we're going to sit here and pretend we're grown adults. I'm waiting for someone else. In the meantime, Caleb, I think I should know more information about my wife's lover. Where are you from originally?"


"You look very fit. Did you play football by any chance?"

"Yeah. High school but not college. I was a cornerback and safety for Whitesburg High."

"Really, when?"

"2000 - 2003."

"I played for Greenville High 1999 -- 2002. That means we played against each other. Small world."

"Hal, Mr. Strickland, do you remember the 2001 game? I made the game winning tackle against Greenville."

"I remember. I was the one who was supposed to be blocking you." They both chuckled.

Cindi interjected, "What the hell is going on here? He's got a gun pointed at us and you two are talking about football! Hal, once again, what are you planning to do to us?"

"Fine, I'll put the gun in my lap if it makes you feel any better. Please have a little patience. Our next guest should be here soon."

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Hal directed Cindi to answer the door. She opened the door to see an attractive but obviously disturbed woman. The woman pushed her way in and walked straight to the couch.

Caleb stood up quickly and asked, "Alex, what are you doing here?" He barely got the words out of his mouth before a hard slap knocked his head to its side.

"What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here? What happened to that last minute business trip to Atlanta? Sit your cheating ass down, loser."

Alex scowled at Cindi and went over to Hal. "Everything okay?"

"Yep, right on schedule."

Caleb asked, "Alex, who is taking care of Danielle?"

"She's with a babysitter."

Cindi yelled, "You have a daughter? You never told me you had kids. You bastard."

"Well, it never came up."

Hal once again had a thought to word moment without a filter in between, "Yeah, we know what did come up, don't we Caleb?"

Cindi tried a different tactic at dealing with the situation. "Well, you two caught us before anything really happened. We have been working on a way to get together for our first time. Thank goodness you stopped us when you did. Now, I promise we'll never see each other again."

Hal and Alex laughed. Hall pulled out a tape recorder and started playing a session of sex with Cindi and Caleb. It was obvious that not only were they having sex, but that it was only one of several that had happened. Both Hal and Alex received scathing reviews of their sexual skills from their spouses from the taped bedroom conversations. "Now, Cindi, you were saying?"

Caleb interrupted, "So, Mr. Strickland, it was you who emailed me from Cindi's computer about coming over this weekend?" Hal nodded.

Cindi asked, "Hal, how did you get my password? That's an invasion of my privacy."

"So, sue me. Actually Cindi, you'll get a kick out of this. I couldn't believe it myself. Have you seen the murder mystery movies where the detective finds a note pad by the suspect's phone? He takes the page underneath where the killer has just written down critical information on the missing page that was on top. Then the detective takes a pencil and rubs the graphite lead over the surface of the under page and magically the information appears. I tried it on your notepad and got what looked like a password. Bingo! I looked at your emails and guess what I found? Cindi you and Caleb have been bad, very bad."

"Okay you caught us. What now?"

"Now, we want a full confession: When did it start? Why did it start? Where did you see your relationship going?"

Caleb didn't volunteer so Cindi spoke. "We met at the first of school at faculty orientation. There was an instant physical attraction. We went from flirting at times we happened to be together to finding ways to be together. It was the faculty Christmas party when we first did it. Since then, we've been together a couple of times a week. We've talked about being together more frequently, but we didn't want to go through the mess of divorce much less talk about getting married afterwards. That's the short version."

"You left out 'why.'"

"That's hard to say. First of all, sex with anyone is usually very rewarding. That means the old cliché of 'It was only sex' is more than a lame excuse. Beyond that: Bored at home. Bored with the sex at home. Physical attraction. Opportunity. Selfishness. Whatever the reasons, it happened. I'm sorry we got caught but I'm even more sorry it happened at all. Despite what I said about you in the throes of passion to make Caleb feel good, Hal, I do love and respect you."

"So, sex with me is boring? You might have mentioned that to me. I always thought you were satisfied."

"I pretended sometimes so I didn't hurt your feelings."

"And you thought you having sex with another man would hurt my feelings less than talking to me?"

"You weren't supposed to find out."

"Too bad. We did. Alex, do you have any questions for these two?"

"I have threats and curses but no questions."

"Now, what are Alex and I going to do about our marriages you ask?

"There are a number of options we considered you two need to be aware of. Notice I did not mention that you two would have a say in which one or ones we choose. If you fight any of the options we choose, we will send the tapes to your principal, the school board, and your parents.

Divorce -- Of course that is the big one. Its attraction is that it would be the cleanest. There would be a parting of the ways but with Alex and I keeping more than 50% of the assets. Since we are the injured parties, we think we deserve more than half. Divorces, however, are messy, Alex and Caleb have a kid to share, and both parties would suffer financially after the divorce for at least a few years. In addition, Alex and I would have to seek new partners unless we want each other. This option seems too much a hassle to consider now, BUT it is always on the table should you two slip up again.

Post-nuptial -- If we do stay together, we would require a post-nuptial which would essentially say 'If you cheat, you leave the marriage with nothing. If we cheat, we would just be even.' No, that's not fair, but we're trying to get even from being wronged by you two.

STD testing -- We may not ever share a bed with you, but we definitely will not share a bed with either of you until you have a STD test that shows you are negative for any of the nasties. You will also agree to another STD test at any time your spouse requests one.

Revenge -- Alex and I will have the right, without legal recourse, to have revenge sex with each other or anyone else. We will not tell you how long it will last or how many others we have sex with. If either of us wishes, we might tell our spouse when we have finished so as to improve the chances of the marriage surviving assuming we want the marriage to survive.

Open marriage -- Essentially, you two have been assuming you could have an open marriage without informing us. You probably want to continue that arrangement. NO! If you continue to see your marriage as an Open Marriage, see Option One above.

"As for the immediate future, Alex and I will start with us having revenge sex and you two having to obtain clean STD reports and signing a post-nuptial when it is completed by our lawyer.

"Alex, you keep the gun on them. I'll be right back."

In a few minutes, Hal came back with rope and duct tape. He went over and tied up Cindi and Caleb and put tape over their mouths.

"Okay for the first part of our revenge sex, Alex and I will have sex in front of you." Both Cindi and Caleb muffled a sound of disapproval. "After tonight, we will have additional revenge sex with each other or others without you being invited to view it. Hope you enjoy our performance. We did at our 'undress' rehearsal." Hal congratulated himself for that play on words.

Alex put the gun down and stood in front of a now seated Hal. She started doing a strip tease, periodically turning around so Cindi and Caleb could see what she had just revealed. She was smaller than Cindi, but her breasts and butt were proportionate to her height and her nipples were quite large. By the time Alex got down to showing her shaved pussy, Cindi had tears rolling down her cheeks and Caleb wasn't far behind. A totally nude Alex faced her husband and bent over so her ass was in Hal's face. Hal proceeded to lick her from ass to pussy and back again. Alex's pleasure moans may have been exaggerating how good it felt, but she was believably liking it.

Hal stood up and Alex disrobed him, slowly. His underwear was the last to come off and his penis sprang forward. Alex turned to Cindi and said, "You want to risk giving up this to get what my husband has? Stupid girl." Alex then started at the tip and worked around the crown. She flicked, licked and sucked the end before she started taking his penis in deep dives towards his body coming very close to deep throating it all. Her intention to drain his balls was evident and Hal's moaning increased in volume and frequency as he arrived at explosion time. Alex put her hands on both cheeks of Hal's butt and hold on to him while he emptied his cum in her mouth. She turned on her knees and moved towards the couch. She showed the pair Hal's cum in her mouth. Then she swallowed and licked her lips before returning to Hal's penis to collect any pearls she might have missed. Caleb was now in tears more than Cindi.

A blanket was put on the floor. Hal and Cindi took their time fucking in several positions making their pleasure known vocally and in facial expressions. Missionary, doggie, cowboy, reverse cowboy and wheelbarrow were tried. After Hal had ejaculated twice and Alex had several climaxes, they took a break. Alex looked with distain at the pair on the couch. Cindi and Caleb seemed to be saying 'No more. Please. No more.'

Hal came from upstairs with a jar of lubrication in his hand. Cindi realized first what it was for and Caleb finally caught on when Alex held her ass up in the air. She said, "Yes, Caleb, Hal will be the first man to take my ass. If I like it, you might, just might, get to do it too." Caleb was squirming and screaming as he saw Hal put the cream around and in her anus. He put the tip of one finger in. Alex directed his progress as she became more comfortable with each step of his insertion. Before long, he had put his middle finger up to the hilt and then started moving it slowly back and forth. The pained expressions on Alex's face turned to ones of desire.

One finger slowly became two and two became three. By now Hal's penis was hard enough. His preparation has been successful. It only took a couple of minutes before Alex was begging for him to go harder and faster. She called out over a fifteen-minute anal session, "One, Two and Three" as her orgasms mounted up. Her third and final climax looked like she was having a seizure and lasted long enough for Hal to finish his third and final ejaculation. Both were exhausted.

Hal and Alex lay on the blanket, snuggled and basked in the afterglow of great sex. When they kissed, Cindi gave out her hardest cry of the night. Hal went over to her, "You know some of what I felt now. Remember this if you have any hope of winning me back." You could almost hear her say, 'I will.'

Cindi and Caleb were untied, and the tape was ripped off. The lovers looked at each other as if they were lepers. Cindi went to Alex. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I will never interfere with your marriage again."

Alex responded, "For your information, your apology isn't worth much."

Caleb looked at Hal and spoke through sobs, "Sorry."

Hal answered with a "Whatever."

Cindi asked, "Where do we go from here?"

Hal directed Alex and Caleb to go home. Cindi was told to go upstairs and move her stuff into the guest bedroom. They all followed his instructions.

Hal mixed himself another drink and sat in his recliner. After some time, Cindi came down in a not particularly revealing nightgown. She asked for permission to sit on the arm of Hal's recliner as she had so many times before. He surprised Cindi by agreeing.

"Thank you, Hal."

"Thanks? You mean you 'enjoyed' tonight's drama?"

"Of course not. It was the most humiliating, heart-breaking thing I have ever had to go through. The 'Thanks' was for not throwing me out although it would have been well deserved."

"You're welcome, I guess. The way I look at it is that I have made quite an investment in you for a number of years. Most of the time I have been pleased with the yield I received. Your market value, however, is currently at an all-time low. I'm hoping for a robust rebound. If not, I will be devesting of all my investments in you."

"Hal, I keep thinking of promises that I want to make to you to prove myself, but I'm afraid you will see them as hollow given the promises I have broken. If you have any ideas of how I can make amends for my betrayal, please tell me. I want to save our marriage. Please don't give up on me. I love you so much. I don't want to live without you."

Hal pulled her into his lap which caused her to break down in tears. They held on to each other until Hal's leg fell asleep. Cindi went up to her bedroom and Hal to his. Both cried.


Both marriages limped along until a level of normalcy was resumed. Guilt and hope for redemption appeared to be keeping Cindi and Caleb in line. Hal and Alex met for coffee over four months after the night of confrontation to compare notes.

"Hal, it's been a very difficult transition back to anything close to resembling the marriage that Caleb and I had before. He has spent a lot more time with our daughter which has pleased me. As far as being a better husband, Caleb has been attentive, dutiful, loving and has even improved in his love making. I have gone from barely tolerating the sight of him to liking being with him again. What about you and Cindi?"

"Cindi has done everything I could ask. I still have some temper flareups and want to throw her affair in her face just to see her suffer. I hope she understands that our marriage is hanging on a slender thread. In one of my worse moods, I ordered her to have another STD test. She dissolved emotionally right in front of me. I could tell it really hurt her because that meant I thought she had been fooling around again. Although she cried, she said she would do it. Of course, her checkup was negative. It cost us several days of reduced intimacy. I have noticed that once we started having sex again, we do more lovemaking than fucking now. I admit though, I love a good wild, hard, rough fuck every now and then."

"Speaking of which Hal, I know we agreed never to mention again the night we performed in front of our spouses, bbbuuuuttttt, Hal that was the most fantastic sex I have ever had. We allowed for more revenge sex in our agreement with Cindi and Caleb, so what do you say we do it again?"

"I say that I was too scared that you didn't like it. I thought you might be a good actress. I have been afraid to ask you about a rematch. I think we still owe them a few more times. You name the time and place. I'll bring some Viagra."

Hal went home feeling really good on one hand, but a guilt feeling started building up. Having sex with Alex again might reverse some of the progress he and Cindi were making. He was hoping Cindi would not be able to accurately interpret the meaning behind his guilty facial expression.

When he came into the living room, Cindi barely noticed him. She was sitting on the couch, destroying a box of facial tissues with her tears. Hal went to her, "What is it?"

"Hal, I've got something important to tell you and your reaction will let me know if we have really repaired our marriage or not."