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Basically, it adjusts your gaze on video calls when you're not looking directly into the camera. With iOS 14, Apple introduced a somewhat identical feature called "Eye Contact" for FaceTime calls. Not only does it come with an all-new chipset, longer battery life, and support for more apps, but it also has a new feature built specifically for video chat called "eye contact." Yes, it's as creepy as it sounds. Most of us don’t have 4K-ready TVs, but footage shot in 4K can be what’s called ‘downsampled’, or reduced in resolution to display on a Full HD screen. When reducing the resolution of recorded 4K footage you end up boosting some of the finer details within that video, making them crisper and more vibrant. To power the device, Microsoft has introduced its second-generation SQ2 chipset which is suitable for more intense multitasking. Speaking of those native apps, Microsoft has improved performance for Microsoft365 applications and its Edge web browser, so they should now run more quickly and consume less battery power. For starters, we know the console's Wi-Fi antenna supports the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, which allows for a new maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps -- more than twice the 3.5 Gbps ceiling for Wi-Fi 5. This doesn't mean your PS5 will be able to use all of that to send your download speeds through the roof.

They don't know my son,' she told Abc. The teardown video confirms the type-C port will support 10Gbps transfer speeds, and it confirms that the two USB-A ports on the back will as well. It also has a wide-angle lens, giving you a range of FOV choices, as well as multiple mounting options so you can stick it on your monitor or use it with a tripod. Razer say the latter is designed for group calls, while the tighter 80 degree FOV is aimed at the usual tight, single-person headshots. And, it's safe to say Microsoft is aware. Who could possibly say? Apple is also renewing its free 90-day trial with the 10.4.9 update - all customers will be able to try out the new version of Final Cut Pro X for 90 days, even those who have already taken advantage of the previous free trial introduced in March. In terms of other specs, the Surface Pro X remains similar to its predecessor. As per usual, accessories like the Surface Pen and Surface Pro X Keyboard are sold separately. If you want to use it as a full-blown laptop, you'll have to purchase the compatible accessories, like the Surface Pen and Surface Pro X Keyboard separately.

Maybe you just want the best all-in-one entertainment center, or the best console you can get on a tight budget. The A7S III is about more than grabbing the headlines for its resolution, it promises to make capturing 4K video easier than before and for that video quality to be the best 4K footage you can get from a Sony camera. Then in playback mode you can select the best still image. He then posted the video proudly on his Facebook page, reacting to criticism by writing: 'It’s funnyyyyyyyy'. And these days, every new flagship camera on down to most phones and compact cameras will boast of its 4K video chops. It allows more light in, for starters, leading to a crisper, more defined image, and combining it with Sony's Stravis tech (which is often used in surveillance cameras thanks to its ability to pick up visible and near-infrared light regions) should mean you still get smooth, clear video footage even if your room's lighting is a bit dark and dingy, or you're a budding streamer and don't want to break the bank on expensive lights. You’ll probably want to fork out for a Class 10, U3-certified SD card, which will be able to maintain a minimum write speed of 30MB/s. You’re storage requirements will also shoot up.

You’ll get to choose from a tremendous and constantly growing library of games big and small, with exclusive titles that won’t appear anywhere else, in an attractive and unobtrusive package. The tech giants think cloud computing, fast broadband and 5G mobile networks mean the time is right to try the same thing with video games. Many of the X-rated online clips include the 29-year-old’s naval lover, Leading Seaman Liam Doddington, who is at the same base, the report said. Echevarria has since leapt to her son's defence, describing him as 'just a good kid who made the wrong choice at that time'. His sense of self-righteousness and lack of respect is reminiscent of his mother, 'Real Housewives of Miami' star Alexia Echevarria, who notoriously dismissed 'the lower people' on her show last season. Peter Rosello, whose mother stars in 'The Real Housewives was filmed in a 35-second clip, introducing his brutal stunt by explaining to the camera that he will be 'punching a hobo in the nuts'. Sony’s executives will be hoping the analysts’ projections are right, because the PlayStation 5 is vital to its future. Some useful definitions: The current generation of consoles includes the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. The latter two launched in November and therefore have a lot of overlap with their predecessors, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We call these last-generation consoles, and you can expect them to cycle into obsolescence sometime in the next couple of years.