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Are you going to use buy shrooms Canada for the first time? Then it is wise to read these 9 golden tips before you start your first mushroom trip. These tips will help you prepare for a trip on psilocybin. Don't we all want a great and safe experience! These 9 tips will ensure you have a safe and wonderful magical journey with psilocybin. Take your responsibility when using magic mushrooms and always treat these nature gifts with respect.

Make yourself comfortable on amagic mushrooms

Mushrooms stimulate the feelings and emotions of the subconscious mind. They open doors that you normally keep closed and that means that you have to feel comfortable when you start using magic mushrooms. Reinforcing your feelings is great when you feel comfortable. Feeling happy, euphoric and divine, it is all possible with the use of magic mushrooms. But when you realize that these are all feelings that come from within you, then you can also understand that being negative can also become very negative when you are not feeling well.

A safe and trusted environment is essential for a mushroom journey A homely environment where you know your way around and feel comfortable is very important for a good mushroom trip. The world around you is going to change during your mushroom trip and so an environment that you know is very important. Otherwise, the environment can actually work against you during your trip. You are also less mobile during a mushroom trip, so moving from place A to place B can be quite a challenge during your trip.

Always travel with a nanny When you get into a bad trip, it's not at all hopeless. You can get out by distracting yourself, but this can be a bit difficult on the first trip. That is why a trip sitter is important during your mushroom trip.

This is not a tip that only applies to beginners, but also experienced users often have a trip sitter around them during a trip. A tripsitter is a person who is sober during your trip and prevents you from making wrong decisions during your trip. Plus, it can help you feel reassured when you start experiencing a bad trip.

You can influence your journey yourself. The feeling you have is reinforced. If you feel anxious, the trip sitter can reassure you that the feeling is only temporary and that the trip will end after a while. This allows you to reassure yourself and increase the chance that your fear will disappear like snow in the sun and you can fully enjoy your mushroom trip. A trip stopper can also help to end your trip step by step.

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